1- Design Consultancy

North Odisha Institute of skilled development (NOISD) provides Design Consultancy in Oil & Gas plant, Water treatment plant (STP, WTP, ETP etc) and PHE (Plumbing) and Fire Fighting services,

Scope of Consultancy Services:

Feasibility Study for various alternates

Conceptual Planning & Design Base Report ( DBR )

Design Development

General & Technical Specifications

Schedule of Quantities

Detailed Cost Estimates

Good for Construction ( GFC ) Drawings

Verification of Shop Drawings

Periodic Site Supervision

Assisting in Testing and Commissioning

Review of As-Built Drawings

1- Value Engineering

North Odisha Institute of skilled development (NOISD) provides Value Engineering as:

Scope of Consultancy Services:

Evaluate the cost impact of various design options and identify the best suited designs for the assigned project.

Identify opportunities for value engineering initiatives in designs to generate cost savings.

Minimize cost escalations due to design related errors/cost escalations due to non-compliance of drawings to statutory regulations and local by-laws.

1- Packaged Based Design

North Odisha Institute of skilled development (NOISD) provides packaged based design solutions for following specialize items.

Sewage Treatment Plant

Water Treatment Plant

Gas Bank

Oil & Grease Trap

Septic Tank

EIA Submission

Building Plan Submission

Fire Authority Submission

GRIHA Submission

Quantity Surveying

North Odisha Institute of skilled development (NOISD) provides Quantity Survey / Quantity take off services including Preparation of standard form of Indian and International format (POMI, SMM7) format for following elements of building.

Plumbing services

Fire Fighting Services

Fire Protection Services

HVAC Services

Electrical Services

Architectural Services

Structural Services

External Development

Shop Drawing

A shop drawing is a drawing or set of drawings produced by the contractor, supplier, manufacturer, subcontractor, or fabricator.

Shop drawings are typically required for actual working at site.

The shop drawings should include information for the architect and engineer to compare to the specifications and drawings.

The shop drawing should address the appearance, performance, and prescriptive descriptions in the specifications and construction drawings.

The shop drawing often is more detailed than the information shown in the construction documents to give the architect and engineer the opportunity to review the fabricator’s version of the product, prior to fabrication.